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WOOF was renamed to HUSKY. But eveything else remains the same, even the hooks and filters.

HUSKY is a filters plugin with great performance if you have a large catalog.

HUSKY Filters PRO version is included in the full theme package that you can get from your Themeforest Account


Install the plugin from the theme package only.
Don’t use the free version or the stock Pro version. Otherwise, the load more/infinite load won’t work.
Uninstall any other filter plugin to avoid conflicts. Uninstall the default WC Ajax Product Filter.

Once you downloaded the package, look in the Plugins folder. The installation file is woocommerce-products-filter.zip

* Some fields have been removed from the images. Relevant options are highlighted


For the main plugin configuration go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products Filter


To work with color swatches install the Color extension

The Label extension you can replicate the button style used for Sizes in the demo

Color Extension


Then, select the elements you want to add to the filter options


Each filter has additional options. The recommended settings to make the panels collapsible are:

Additional Options




If you experience problems with the Ajax load more/infinite scrolling modes you may try to change Products per page to another fixed number instead of -1


Finally, to display the filters on the frontend go to Appearance > Widget and add the HUSKY widget to the Shop Sidebar

Additional features

Filter by Color

Unlike the default plugin WC Ajax Product Filter, with HUSKY you have to manually select the color again in the settings

Just select the color OR upload an image.

Filter In Stock products

To filter only products in stock activate the extension In Stock Checkbox

If you want to check the stock per variation edit the filter and change the filter settings to Search in products and their variations


Enabling the search in variable products may slow down your catalog if your server doesn’t have enough resources because it drastically increases the number of database queries.

To keep the in-stock checkbox enabled by default add this snippet to wp-content/themes/goya-child/functions.php

add_filter('woof_get_request_data', 'my_woof_get_request_data');
function my_woof_get_request_data($data){
 return $data;


Check the plugin official documentation:




If the number of rows and columns defined in Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Catalog doesn’t work, follow the instructions:

1. In the HUSKY settings go to the Advanced tab and set Products per page

2. Add this PHP snippet to /wp-content/themes/goya-child/functions.php to define the number of columns (4 in the example):

add_filter('loop_shop_columns',function() {
 $columns = get_option( 'woocommerce_catalog_columns', 4 );
 return $columns;
});Code language: PHP (php)

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