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In recent WP Bakery versions 6.x while your site is connected to woocommerce.com it attempts to check for subscriptions even if you never purchased the plugin through WooCommerce. You may get one of these error messages:

  • Please visit the subscriptions page and renew to continue receiving updates.
  • Version 7.x is available. To enable this update, you need to purchase a new subscription.

To solve the issue first update the theme following the instructions How to update the theme?

Then, deactivate and delete WP Bakery from the list of plugins Plugins > Installed Plugins

Finally, go to Appearance > Install Plugins and install WP Bakery. It will install the most recent version available with the theme.

After the update to WP Bakery 7.x you won’t have problems with the updates again. Just update as usual.

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