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This article is about content.

If you want to translate language strings from the theme or plugins see this article Translate Theme to another language

Multilanguage plugins

You need a plugin to do manage content in multiple languages. We recommend Polylang or WPML:

We recommend those 2 plugins because the theme language selector will automatically detect the languages configured with any of those plugins.

All content from pages, products, blogs, etc. are independent from the theme settings. Check the plugin documentation to translate the content.

Translate customizer fields

If you want to translate the customizer fields and you are using the child theme, upload the following xml file to /wp-content/themes/goya-child/wpml-config.xml


Both WPML and Polylang recognize that xml file. For the parent Goya theme the file is already in the theme folder. You don’t need to upload anything else.

With Polylang go to Languages > Strings translations and you will see those strings (only non empty fields from the customizer)

With WPML Navigate to WPML > String Translation and search for the strings.

The strings to search for are in the xml file. Just search for the field name and translate:

  • header_custom_text
  • header_custom_text2
  • header_custom_text3
  • top_bar_text
  • top_bar_text2
  • top_bar_text3
  • campaign_bar_content
  • footer_middle_content
  • footer_bar_copyright
  • footer_bar_custom_text
  • footer_bar_custom_text2
  • popup_content
  • shop_header_description

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