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The Installation Wizard offers an option to import sample data during the initial setup. But you can run again the wizard to import the content.


1. Before starting you may want to check the Server Requirements
2. If you want to test the different demos on the same site you should reset your site before importing another demo. Use a plugin like WP Reset to restore your site to its default installation.
3. Go to Settings → Permalinks and change your permalinks to something else than the default “Plain” mode. The demo site uses “Post name“.
4. On a VPN the installation wizard won’t process the remote XML. Use a direct connection instead. Otherwise, proceed with a manual import of the xml files using the default WordPress importer. The xml files are included in the full theme package.

If you already checked the IMPORTANT recommendations you can proceed. Go to Goya → Goya and click Demo Import.

That will run the Import Content step from the installation wizard.

Click the Import button only once! Downloading ALL images can take 5-15 minutes depending on your hosting performance.

Importing the demo to your local computer could take even more time.

No errors but the content is missing?

Check here if you have issues with the demo import I can’t import demo content

Common Issues

I can’t import demo content

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