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The footer is divided in 3 sections Main, Middle and Bottom.

This area is for your widgets.

Sticky Footer. This option makes your footer stick to the bottom when the page is short or empty. It’s not like the sticky header which keeps fixed while scrolling. It only push your footer to the bottom when then page is short.

Back to Top Button. This option controls the Back to Top button.

Footer Widgets. Control the number of columns for your widgets and if you want all your columns equal size. There’s the option to make the first or last column wider.

The middle area is for any custom content. You can add shortcodes too.

This is similar to the header layout with left, center and right sections. Add your preferred items to each section and save.

Right under the those 3 footer bottom areas you can add your Copyright and another custom text which are two of the elements you can add to the left, center and right areas

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